Friday, October 22, 2010

Presidential palaces.

While Jagdeo sold his house in Guyana for US$600,000, his people has to live in miserable shacks - of course excepting his friends, the Bees who all live in mansions.

Note that his house was sold to Ernie Ross, the man who is in charge of the PPP election campaign machinery.

Call him Champion.... is this case he is sleazeball champion of dirt! The Champion of the Dirt continues on his money making trail with little or no conscience. While he has sold his gift for $600000 he and his friends and colleagues are now putting up their mansions.

This mansion is a gated community close to the Atlantic Ocean behind Spareendaam, East Coast Demerara.

While poor people are struggling to make their bank loans, standing in long lines for house lots, Champion of the Dirt and others continue to strip and rob the country for their own benefits. Champion of the Dirt also continues to dish out money making ventures with little or no cabinet approval, pave the way for money making schemes and make sweet little deals for his friends to benefit. These deals are often concreted when the Champ, Winston and Bobby travel and if they feel the need they tag along miner/land owner Odinga.

While many stand in long lines for house lots, Champ et al are building as we speak. The silence is deafening, we wonder where are the watchers.

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