Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mary had a little lamb...

Donald RAMotar is here, there and everywhere confirming that the Ruling People's Progressive Party have made their choice for a Presidential Quack if they need one.
Here is our ode to him.
It wasn't me! I doan kno! It gotta be d PNC!

Mary had a little RAM
Little Ram, Little Ram
Mary had a little RAM
His belly was big as the lotto Fund

And everywhere that Mary went
Mary Went
Everywhere that Mary went the RAM was sure to go

He followed her to China one day
China one day
He followed her to China
one day as part of a publicity stunt !

RAMotar is now showing up at every event under the sun where the Press could get a quick glimpse of him in order to promote him in his bid to lead the PPP into the Next Elections (if there is one).

As usual he can be seen with his mouth open saying "what? I doan kno about dat?

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