Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Return my gifts" says the criminal to the police.

The Police is once again blowing hot air as a puppet for the PPP and Jagdeo-led-administration as it continues to pretend that they are busting drug rings and solving crime.

We had earlier linked the police to one recent execution and the police is now planning to use a gang war theory to arrest a few. Those few that are in policy custody since the police released its album have since been released on on station bail, a move that has struck as bail as comical.

What is even more dangerously comical is that upon their release, at least one of them have been in contact with the senior police office and have asked that that senior officer return gifts sent to him over a period over time.

We understand that these gifts include cell phone, computer, jewelery and watches.

This action by one of the men wanted over the weekend does not only stem from his imprisonment for the weekend but also the revocation of his gun license by the Ministry of Home Affairs Ministry.

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