Sunday, November 29, 2009

Digicel's copyristmas

Christmas in the air. Digicel telecoms giant has announced it disappointing, puny copyristmas promotion.

Are we mistaken or is the Digicel Christmas program an replica of last year's GT&T promotion..... Lets see:
- They have an on-screen counter.... same as GT&T had last year? Same counters, same approach, same thing.... just packaged a little different. Wonderful copying Digicel! This is disappointing and disgusting! AND the most embarassing thing is that when they (Live on TV) call THEIR OWN SUBSCRIBERS the call goes to voice mail IMMEDIATELY. That is the experience everyday - 50% of the calls I place goes to voice mail!

On top of it all, the entire cash giveaways sounds just like..... GT&T's cash booth promotion last year!!!

Come on digicel, get better. your copyristmas sucks!
Until I see better, I am going blue!

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