Thursday, November 19, 2009

Corruption - Those who doubt

We wish to theorize that:

There is absolutely no corruption in Guyana.

Our beloved President does not own any dual properties. He does not lie and is not interested in a 3rd term (please ignore the billboards and ads). He is the representation of all that is Guyana. The embellished words of ethics and honesty could never be better uttered by anyone as good as he does it.

Fact 1: (at least sounds good on paper): Our president is the honest, ethical and dedicated person - on which strength he will win the popular vote to run Guyana for the next term.

Fact 2: Our dear president literally run (and fly) everything in Guyana. He is the President, part-time minister of information, part-time minister of finance, part-time minister of tourism, part-time minister of telecommunications, part-time chief name-caller, part-time Frequency minister, part-time sleazeball-watching, part-time gossip-spreader and most-time tourist.

If this proves that the president is ethical and honest and everything else.
If he also hold all the portfolio of jobs as described above.
THEREFORE he does everything - no one else does anything.

THEREFORE there is no corruption in Guyana.

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