Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shame on Guyana Times - SHAME on Dr Ramroop

Thus far we have not commented on Guyana Times. We all know the fantastic handouts that they got from the President.

While they did get all the help from the GoG, they have, in our view kept up a clean front in terms of reporting and bias - although (of course) they do bias heavily toward some ministers (Bert, Fan, etc).

However, following yesterday's (November 11) publication of a ghost writer's letter, we say SHAME ON YOU to Dr. Ramroop and the entire Times' staff.

Our position is that if you hate Freddie then hate away - but stay off from people's family. Guyana Times hit below the belt (to Jadgo's sleezeball) - they insulted Freddie's wife. No way Mr. Ramroop, that is GUTTER journalism. One question though - shouldn't we fire ThaSilva for keeping incompetent people in his employment?

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