Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jagdeo’s triPPPs part trois

Jagdeo’s triPPPs part trois

(first part was here)

Jagdeo’s trippps are well known – well not really. The trippps are so frequent that no one nowadays really know when he is in country or not. It would be interesting to see the countries that are most frequented by Jagdeo.

It also seems like other ministers can only go on trippps when Jageo is himself on another trippp.

We are not against the President’s trippps. However, we make these observations:
1) The trippps (ab)use our money. Therefore he is accountable to us for the trips. Where he goes, for what purposes and total expense per trip must be disclosed fully for each trip.
2) We the taxpayers fund these trips fully! We need to know the names of those who accompany Jagdeo on these trippps?
3) What is the total number of days that jagdeo has traveled and spent outside of Guyana?
4) Finally, let us compare the answer of the above question on how many days he has spent travelling outside of Guyana to how many days he has spent walking the streets or visiting the farmers or visiting the troubled people of Guyana – whose money he uses for his touring?

I guess that last question may be deemed silly since it is not election time - or no massacre took place, so no need to "walk-about" in Guyana to see its people and to be their at-home president?

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