Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Braston, Liquibub and security

Braston, Liquibub and security

Guyana times (Oct 25) carried a story on Brasington, the owner of a foreign IT company (blackoutman’s brother).

We are wondering if there is any link of that company and happenings in Guyana. We will provide an analytical base:

1/ The local brasnton is brother to the foreign one that does systems integration and technology consultancy.
2/ The local brasnton is best friend to the Young One that had the contract to do the wireless security for the office of the president and other works for the GoG.
3/ The wireless systems were installed using the combination of local and foreign ‘expertise’.

Any link?

Note that the local Brasnton & Young Co are the primary advisers to Jadgeo on IT matters.

The 20-million dollar question: After the sale of GT&T’s shares, who will “win” the contract to bring in US$20million worth of computers to Guyana?

Any answer?

tick, tock, tick tock

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