Friday, December 4, 2009

Jagdeo’s intent on Sugar becomes crystallized

The situation at Guysuco gets worse with each passing day. Today the Corporation announced that it may not be able to pay wages this week.

The timing is excellent since a decision is expected from the tribunal in the next week. So this forces their hand.

We wish to opine that the Jagdeo Government is purposely cheating the sugar workers. This industry will close down because of the pitiable economics of the economist Jagdeo:

The PPP Government took 40 MILLION USD in land from the company WITHOUT PAYING A CENT. Those lands were supposed to be sold to raise funds for the company’s new factory.

This jagdeo government seized the lands – the company then had to take bread from the workers’ mouths to fund the new factory and now they can’t find money to pay the wages. Yet the CEO earns double-digit millions per month!

This is the "working class" President that heads Caricom, that tours the world at the sugar workers expense to sell carbon credits. At home they cannot honor their debts, 1000 children will starve next week for a meal and 20,000 workers will develop stress, heart and hypertension problems as they consider their next helpless move.

Yes, a third term! To dig the graves!

Come on economist, pay back the workers the 40 million USD that was stolen from them!

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