Monday, July 26, 2010

Lumumumba Vs Benn

Quickly ! Call Bishop Edghill somebody just called another a "BIG BLACK IDIOT" 
Our sources are telling us that the Big Bad Miner has to apologize to Bruk Up Benn. 
The two are feuding and this feud escalated recently in a Mining Committee meeting. 
The Pageant holder/miner/land owner/adviser/traveler (who had his visa revoked) flew in the face of Bruk-Up (Hammer Down) Benn calling him among names "A BLACK JACKASS" and "BLACK IDIOT".  
Bruk-up Benn ran out of the meeting in tears trying to get Daddy Champion on the phone to complain. Daddy C who was obviously roaming didnt want his charges to go up by answering Benn but on his return he was appraised of the situation.  
One ah them were told to apologize to the other or else... 

Who is bigger and badder ??

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  1. MUMBA ! the stupid ones always wins