Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We have tried repeatedly not to sound anti-government or anti-PPP but it has proven to be the most difficult thing to do once we get into the news papers, listen to our friends and sit in front of a computer. Sometimes it moves us to anger to know that people that you have entrusted so much in can be so ungrateful and uncaring. 
This brings us to an issue we have tried to stay away from given its current state in the depths of the court, the CN Sharma carnal knowledge charge. 
We find the postings on one of the blogs said to be operated out of the Office of the President to be the most disgusting. They posted statements, pictures and other details of the child said to be involved in the matter with Sharma. 
Sharma may be guilty until proven innocent, yes GUILTY until proven INNOCENT, but this is no way to treat women that we ought to be protecting! 
The silence of the Human Services Minister Priya Manickchand screams loudly! Seems like she can only speak vociferously on issues she has little evidence about but once confronted on burning issues she retreats to her Duncan Street home or joins her shameless colleagues of the Office of the President.  
The next time she preaches child protection we hope that someone is standing by with eggs to plant them on her face. She follows her usual pattern now, remember the Kwame/Julius and the Health Minister/Girl allegations. 
Yes, we know about them all. 
Including how complaints of domestic and sexual violence go to her office for support and she tries to handle it without reporting it to the police and follow the path she preaches.
Shameful. Downright Shameful. 
You say that the world was wrong to report on the prostitution that takes place at the top, the high level pimpimg, the raping of underage boys, the raping of secretaries.... but, as long as it is them, it is legal and ok.... what do you say,  Madam Minister when you look to the future and see your son or daughter at risk with these monsters and their upcoming monster-children? 
Shame on you Priya!

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