Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What does Kuwait do for Guyana??

     Months ago Guyana signed an MOU with Kuwait to give Kuwaiti Nationals duty free and other concessions for relocating here while Kuwati supplied Guyanese with the same measure.   
     One must wonder why the Guyana government and leader were so eager to have this MOU in place? Would Foreign Service tell us how many Guyanese have taken up this offer and migrated to Kuwait and what about those Kuwait nationals coming to set up business in Guyana.   
     Like is order of the day the PPP would have made a song and dance about any Kuwaiti National who comes here to explore business opportunities but to date zilch.   
     Out of all the countries that do business with Guyana, we hope sometime the PPP can explain this special agreement with Kuwait.   
     Why not Brazil, Suriname, Botswana or China ?   
     It is now a patters with Jagdeo that he throws smoke in the air - this deal and that deal, this MOU and that MOU - all amounting to NOTHING - except that in cases where the trinidadians can buy his house, or that deals can be brokered for Brassington or Ramroop.

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