Friday, July 16, 2010

A Low Carbon Legacy

Thin skinned Champion Quack has done it again, muzzle the principles of Democracy that Cheddie Jagan and the PPP have fought for before Democracy returned to this nation.
In an almost Burnham like manner, Champion Quack rushed to misuse the resources of the Judiciary and the weary but wouldn't-leave-the-job Chief Justice to muzzle Kaieteur News and Freedie Kisson.
We are not surprised that Champion Quack has done this, what we are surprised about is the petty article that called him a racist he is upset about.
Has Kisson done this three year ago Champion Quack would not have move to this drastic measure, but Guyanese have to understand, He and his group are seeking a Third Term, for once they need the black support and not those of Kwame, the Predator, Benn, the Hammer or Shirley Edwards and Clinton Collymore but the Intellectual young black folks whose eyes are opening.
Champion Quack has been called many names, those that threw his sexuality off course, ones that leveled corruption allegations at his feet and domestic violence claims but he didn't move to the courts to muzzle anyone then.
The man is becoming nothing but a desperate old fool with nothing but a Low Carbon Legacy to hold on to.

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