Monday, July 5, 2010

Atlantic Hotel Inc

Of recent, we have seen and heard of Jagdeo's vows to complete the so-called Marriott's Hotel. 
What many people do not realize is that the public funds will be used to do this.   
What we also need to now know and realize, is that the hotel is being built by the Atlantic Hotels Inc. A local group. Note that it reads "Atlantic"... one would immediately assume that it has everything to do with Bobby Ramroop of Queen's Atlantic.    
However, Chris Ram has published in his article an amazing fact that can be corroborated. Guess who are the owners of Atlantic Hotel Inc?    
The company is registered to Winston Brassington, Marcia Nadir-Sharma and the Lawyer working at NICIL. 
This is a huge scam!!! 
How can officers of the Government form a private company that will have Government funds funneled to it? 
More will be exposed as time go by. Meanwhile, as "time goes by" moneys will be suctioned into this project by Brassington and company. 
Wanna take a guess as to who is the Chairman of NICILs board? Ashni Singh! And who does Ashni report to? Of course, kinpin, Bharrat!
This one will pale in comparison to synergyless pit.


  1. Brassington again. Jagdeo, Brassington and Ramroop... they robbing this country blind. They will build the hotel with state funds and hand over to Ramroop.

  2. I hope a new Government jail all these corrupt people for stealing tax payers moneys.