Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ERROL leaves a bitter trail of Sweetness.

After a miserable year's run as the Head of the Guyana Sugar Corporation, Errol Hanoman submitted his resignation as the Chief Executive Officer to the Guysuco Board on July 1st. The Man who headed the multi-billion dollar industry and a major contributor to the our GDP would only cite 'personal reasons' in his letter of resignation. 
As he leaves we wonder a couple of things:
- What happens to Raj Singh now that Paul Bhim takes over?
- What happens to the Turn Around Plan now?
- Did Hanoman ever get a salary reduction?
- What does he leave with?
- What is Paul Bhim's salary? (Wanna bet it is a million dollars?)
- Paul Bhim as previous Finance Director was responsible for the Corporation's finances - which fell off a precipice of corruption and inefficiency.Will that change?

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