Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FOI FOI where are thou ?

As far as we at OH GUYANA knows, questions must be asked of this Senior Man and this new owner of this property non-national Desmond E. Ross. 
These are the deals with talk about. May the Legal Crafters/Drafters take the FOI Legislation out of their back pockets and put it to good use.  
In the 21st Century, one of the most 'democratic' nations in the Caribbean has lost its way on the path to deliver Freedom of Information. 
Its not surprising with the amount of 'deals' and 'sales' being made that the Return to Democracy Government had chided on bringing forth a useful piece of legislation to improve accountability.  
What the lack of FOI does it keep public servants from speaking out, hush the private sector into a corner (no more duty free concessions) and muzzle the media. 
All this is kept at bay as those we elected are locked away and making secret deals. 
Take for example a Senior Officer of the government builds a house now sell that house for more than trice the amount and pays no taxes what so ever. 

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