Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ralph Ramkarran's dream

Ralph Ramkarran is so out of touch with the ordinary Guyanese that he might as well retired the idea of being Presidential material as we speak. Ramkarran, by no stretch of imagination, can think that any encouragement from Guyanese in the diaspora including Canada and New York can win him votes here or even within the PPP. He just does not have the influence. 

To prove whether or not he has the influence one should poll any two communities in any part of this country and ask who is Ralph Ramkarran. 

Ramkarran’s head is so far up the aristocracy ring that we are not sure if he knows how much money is for a pound of sugar.  

Stabroek News recently carried a piece quoting him expressing his willingness to run for the Presidential Candidate for the PPP and on Sunday sought to understand his reasons for seeking the job as President.  

Ramkarran’s statements are serious indictments on the PPP especially when he pledges to end poverty and take seniors off the streets. (Do we take that as an admission from Jadgeo that there is poverty in Guyana?) 

Where is this Utopia Ramkarran speaks about?  

Why Ramkarran feels that he can solve every issue this country has with the election of him as President?  

It is quite striking that he plans to tackle racism when the PPP government under the Jagdeo administration has used it as a weapon to divide people.  
Ramkarran rants are indeed those of a politician, saturated with lies of ‘betterment’   
We must ask him why over the years as Speaker of the National Assembly and an Executive Member of the Central Execitve of the PPP he was mum on many issues that affected Guyanese   
Here is a list Ramkarran:
- Corruption within the government
- Racism within the Public Service
- Money Laundering and Drug Peddling
- Wanton Killing of Afro-Guyanese
- Death Squads
- Police Brutality
- Rise in the Cost of Living
- Human Rights Violation and Media muzzling

We could go on stating facts and facing reality - while Ramkarran dreams on!

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