Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Media Monitoring Unit

Closure of the Media Monitoring Unit likely to go unchallenged by Civil Society, Political Parties, the Private Sector and the donors.   

We expect that the sheep will continue to hide and left the wolf reign riping this growing democracy apart in the bid for a third term or even cheating the 2011 elections starting off with race bashing and then character assassination.  

Who stands up at a time like this for the rest of the country?  

Why hasn't those who like their names to be printed in black and white everyday or grace the television screens with their arrogance run to the Court to challenge this atrocity that is about to happen.  

Bharrat Jagdeo continues to live the dream of Forbes Burnham everyday, a stinking dictator with an evil mind to punish his people while he suckle on the sweet honey.

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