Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another wedding

Hermanston Lodge and House are to become alive this weekend with the wedding of another PPPite.

PPP recently adopted child and sister of Human Services Minister Priya Manickchand, Jaya weds Omkar in a ceremony and reception to be held at their friend's home in Lamaha Street, Queenstown. \Hermanston House has been the home of Agriculture Minister Robert Persaud and wife Kamini who are close friends with the Manickchands and travels often with them.
This must be the year of PPP weddings, since every young PPPite is tying the knot before the 2011 elections using state properties as their personal celebration huts without paying a cent.

Who's next ?!!


  1. Why should i believe your posts??? you are so ignorant of facts in Guyana!!! Herdmanston Lodge ( and house as you put it )is PRIVATELY Owned by Michael and Dee George. The Georges' have done an excellent job in maintaining their porperty and the hotel is ranked high on the list of Guyanese hotels!!!

    If you want to spread propaganda, choose the branches that you jump on carefuully!!!

  2. There indeed was a wedding...the name of the house probably was not clear.