Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Double Standards

Kellawan Lall shot and wounded a young man three years ago,
       about that same time Bheri Ramsarran was accused of sexually assaulting a teenager, 
              Police Commissioner Henry Greene has been linked to more than three Driving under the Influence

But this system of governance is so biased and full of double standards that when a Judge isn't sympathetic to a government he gets targeted.

Whatever happen when the son of a Minister killed a young man driving under the influence, was a warrant issued for him before he offered the $1 million to the boy's family?
But, Justice Jainarayan Singh is not known to be a friend of the present administration and its not surprise when his name comes up on the police radar for a traffic office (which we believe is a political gimmick). His daughter was forced out of the Guyana Energy Agency and his son blocked from a job with a foreign agency, so his traffic violation charges come as no surprise. 
Double standards? You judge!

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