Friday, August 20, 2010

Buxton, Bharrat's Bias

"They will not hold me to ransom" says President Bharrat Jagdeo more than 5 years ago when the black dominated village of Buxton sounded a call for his help. Now 2010 close to the 2011 elections, the fearful People's Progressive Party is reaching out to everyone possible with hopes that their hands bearing gifts will blind those disenchanted people.    
Buxton, a village that once earned a livelihood for itself was starved out of resources by this Jagdeo led administration along with the gun men who sought refuge in there. 
Jagdeo only recently preached at the Chinese Arrival Day celebrations on the importance of recognizing our history, went to tell the Buxtonians they must not look back at the past !
A total slap in the face move in addressing the issues facing the people of that village!
The Buxtonians are not alseep but to widen their eyes there are certain demands they must make. Their plight will not be addressed by a single visit by Jagdeo and a few publicity seeking ministers and government advisors.
Buxton needs help to restore its image, educate its young people and be self-sufficient.Farm lands are the answer when you are giving away computers in other parts of the country, a working health clinic with doctors are nurses are needed and don't let Priya Manickchand just focus on single parent vouchers, Priya the army and police killed guilty and innocent men in that village leaving their wives and children to fend on their own, just ask your husband. 
The Children of that village now need counselling more than ever, the same kind you promised Donna Herrod family when she was killed by the army.
We are gonna sit back and see who the Power Drunk Jagdeo will meet with now, our guess is Gordon Moseley.

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  1. an elections move nothing else, PPP is desperate