Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Marriott's name is getting buried!

What's all the song and dance about the need for a Marriot Brand Hotel here - If Dr. Champion says we need a Marraiot Brand Hotel here, we better do ! 
Why are the bickering by those existing hotel owners? This hotel is for the booming tourism, yes that tourism that comes every August when Guyanese return home to meet their relatives and cant up with the garbage, insects, black outs and stink water.  
They will whip out their credit cards and head to the Marriott! 
Thanks to Dr. Champion and another Public Private Partnership - our tax payers money have been invested in another project that is expected to full the coconut and sweet vendor pockets. 
We hear that some rooms already have bookings with names of GT's elites including Ministers, their families and don't forget the girlfriends.  
There will also be special arrangements for Kwame. 
Word out is that even Ralph Gonsalves will have a special room.   
As Dr. Champion's buddy, of course, Ralph will have a special suite at the hotel his friend is building.   
Champagne and goose berries on Ice for all !   

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