Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramesh Dookhoo - is he awake?

Ramesh Dookhoo has awaken from his slumber. It maybe a bit too late for many voiceless Guyanese, but we welcome the Guyana Private Sector Commission to public debate on transparency, finally. We wonder why it took Dookhoo and the PSC to speak publicly on any other issue as it jumped to speak about the Mariott branding, a pet of the Dr. Champion.

Dookhoo's public stunt leaves lot more to be desired as he calls for more accountability and more information. 
Where was Dookhoo and the PSC when VAT was unleashed (did he and the PSC stand by Correira who endured a tongue lashing by Dr. Jagdeo), What about those budget consultations with the Finance Minister (is the PSC making any presentation for the rest of the business community and its workers, what about Tax Reform, is this on the PSC agenda to pursue, Why cant Dookhoo and the PSC ask more questions about Jagdeo's cable from Brazil, Amaila's Falls, the City's Inability to garner more funds to sustain the city and crime. 
Why is Dookhoo suddenly picking on the Marriot branding when there is a public spat between Dr. Champion and Robert Badal. 
Dr. Champion is swaying everyone's head about the need for a Marriot Hotel when he cannot even convince himself there is a need for such a hotel or there will be tourists to full and sustain it. 
Dookhoo save your breathe for much more pertinent issues please. 

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