Sunday, August 29, 2010


Emile Mervin's recent letter in Kaieteur News could hit the nail harder on the head when he explored government's plans to sell its shares in the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company under the caption 'Will those awarded government GTT shares become private partners in the ICT project?'
By now we all know about the government's or rather Jagdeo's plans to sell the 20% shares its has in one of the most financially sound company in this country. If you don't know, his crony and friend Winston Brassington has advertised for proposals or requests.  
But why would this government want to rid itself of these shares ? Should anyone take their answer of investing in the ICT sector at face value? 
Everyone should realize by now the government is moving into competitive sectors not for the need of it but for the want. Like Mervin pointed out, they have moved into the Hotel business by funding Marriot and we know about Cacique now why would be government want to be a competitor in the telecommunications or ICT sector ? Why not use the same valuable 20% shares in GT&T ?
Some sinister plot has being drafted but we may not learn of the beneficiaries in years to come.
  Its a sad day though, even the workers of the company would not be given a chance to bid for the shares which will be sold in blocs and coupled with that the Union that represents the workers can't even afford a pin - much less to bid for these shares.

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