Monday, August 23, 2010

Jamzone and GRA, is there a link?

Jamzone 2010 is a welcome changed to what it was a couple years ago. The youngsters of the promotion group Hits and Jam have outdone themselves this year by not only attracting an international artiste to Guyana but providing a packed entertainment schedule for Guyanese of all walks.
The shows seem to attract the largest Guyanese crowd in the past ten years. 
What Guyanese don't know however, is that while the promoters use their sponsorship and other funds to off set several expenses, Guyanese tax payers are being duped into double paying for several things. 
Tax payers would now have to pay for any repairs even done to the Guyana National Stadium in the in event that the ground will have to undergo changes following the recent shows. Many dont know that.
The Hits and Jams group have been beneficiaries over the past 4 years to duty free concessions to hold these shows, in fact just around Carifesta they were given government funds to pay for the stage that is being used at the stadium, even though the stage is said to be the 'property' of the Culture Ministry.
The Guyana Revenue Authority is notably absent from any of the shows held. 
No entertain tax is being paid and our information suggests that the government is not collecting taxes as required by the VAT act on any of the tickets sold.
How much will our coffers lose out ?
Well the local promotion company paid more than US$100,000 to bring signing sensation Ne-yo to Guyana, which is a small percentage of what they will make minus the taxes.
We are told that more than G$30 million could off set their other expenses (their sponsors take care of that).
The group is expected to make more than $30 million from other ticket sales and shows - all of which is tax free. 
The Guyana Revenue Authority seem to be acting under political directive on this one and no one is asking questions.

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