Thursday, August 12, 2010

Early thieving

Ashni and the PPP are planning an early budget.

Our sources said that the National Budget could be unveiled as early as January as the PPP plans to craw itself back into power using taxpayers money rather than party financing.
The cunning Finance Minister has been planning this move for months and he had begun 'consulting' with a few like minded and political friends to have his way with the budget. There are already projects that are set to some under false pretenses - roads, electricity, sport and even the now famous cable would all be 'catered' for under this budget.
The wary politicians are calling for campaign policing but this 2011 budget will be so difficult to scrutinize that money will be siphoned off right under their noses without them getting a whiff of the dollars. 
Bravo Ashni !  Lets see what this early budget will have in store for us, taxpayers. 

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