Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Gerries have it!

The 2011 elections is really nothing to look forward to when you wake up and reliaze that you either vote for geriatric 1 or geriatric 2. Quite sad isnt it?

This article is by now stretch of imagination and endorsement of David Granger who will hold post no 2 for now, but we all have to agree, putting the PNC Track record aside, Granger is by far the best candidate for this elections.Look at his academic back ground for instance, the man, a former Brigadier has a master of social science degree in political science, a BS degree in History and a post grad diploma in International relations. The man has worked as adviser to the President and held several post in the government. 
That alone speaks to the high commitment he has and certainly of the ability to speak.

It is not quite his fault that the rest of us dont know much about him, he has never been named in any major investigation of any kind in this country and if it wasnt for his election to lead the opposition into this elections race many wouldnt know him. A few of us know him from his monthly magazine, Guyana Review. 

We are very saddened to report that Donald Ramotar is an economist by training. A mere glance at his bio sends us into a fit of rage, how does an economist endorse a 16% VAT that is killing his people.

We can help but say for an economist, we have never seen a scholarly paper on any thing economy or economics related from Ramotar.

Other than that, Ramotar apparently worked at a place called GIMPEX and he was a member of GAWU ( the latter is commendable) not much else can be said for him, since it looks like after he became PPP General Secretary in 1979 he just sat on several boards.

We hope PPP has its majority on que to vote cause Ramotar cant win on looks or credentials. 

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