Sunday, August 14, 2011


Santa is arriving early and this around we will cash in on everything listed in the 2006 PPP manifesto. Like the diluted Freedom of Information Act, the severely fractured Broadcast Bill or the Telecoms Act that was foisted upon the country with little or no consultation.

Very, very little actions come to us as surprises these days, you know like the Head of State abusing his powers, micro-managing, wanton corruption and oh yes whats this now about working during the parliamentary recess.

The PPP is now looking to do the work it hasn't done in the last 5 five in two months. But here is a list of things it will not do in the next two months.

Ensure a working and unbiased Integrity Commission, after all we want to know if Ed Ahmad did send those tiles, Where is Odinga Getting all that money to invest in EVERYTHING from, Kwame Mckoy's salary, Robert Persaud's bank loan details he took for the house he building at Prado Ville 2, (oh he didnt get a loan) and so many other lingering questions.

What ever happen to the Ministers of Govt Code of Conduct, the Ombudsman?

How many of the Auditor General's recommendations are implemented ?

Isnt tackling corruption on your manifesto too ?

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