Sunday, August 28, 2011

And now, the end is near

"...And now the end is near..." that Famous Frank Sinatra song is repeating itself in my head as I pen this piece thinking about the departure of our dearly President and Economic Extraordinaire.

We have nothing but praise for the man who has single- handedly turned the country into a "trading nation". My sudden obsession and particular amusement came from an edition of a recently published State Owned Chronicle Newspapers. His Excellency was in St. Kitts. He bidded several Heads of State Adieu at the Caricom's recent Heads of Government meeting. Nothing strikes me more than his "words of Wisdom" to the great leaders.
This is expected to be Jagdeo's last term in Office so he must touch the cheek of his Head of State and say his departing words. 
For the body Caricom, Jagdeo imparted unto to them a charge that must have hit them in the gut, that they must "defend Caricom"

Stumped I was as i read the headline and article many times. Retracing each word. I must say kudos to President Jagdeo for recovering his sense of diplomacy in this last hour.
It was the same body, the Head of State said had lost "momentum", the same body he had ridiculed more than once. 
What could have turned his mind suddenly to praise the Caribbean Body? 

I didn't hear of any fatalities at the St. Kitts Meeting, So I gather that everyone was sent into a fit of laughter or really forgot they had lost momentum. 

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