Monday, September 27, 2010

That Cummings Lodge shooting

The Police are still not up turning any major rocks during their investigations into the Cummings Lodge Shooting that left five people including a child dead. In any decent society the death of a child in such horrific circumstances would have caused a public outcry but no, not in Guyana where the police have already decided that this is a drug hit and closed the files.

We had promised to update you on information coming to us about this shooting. In an earlier post we indicated that sources close to the Police say that their own officers are involved in the shooting. The victims knew the officers and had stopped to speak with the officers on the scene.

New details coming to us suggest that the occupants of the car were shot on killed by POLICE OFFICERS WHO WERE ON A RIDE IN THE AREA.

The officers shot the occupants, then rode to as dark colored car in the vicinity where they handed back the guns and both sped off.

This information is with various police and intelligence sources, but its whether or not they will act is left to be seen.

The Senior police officer is working with a name of one of their own, we are waiting to see if that name will be call. We await the spine-less press to investigate this one.

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  1. True, All the press and media people are spineless.
    Alim Samad was charged for murdering an East Coast farmer and this did not make the news except the Stabroek News.
    So murder is nothing in Guyana.