Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Police commissioner

Police Service Commission is refusing to address the promotion if Senior Police officers within the Guyana Police Force. This latest development is clearly a political directive as the government tries to ride the horse that is called the Police.

Jagdeo and his co-horts in the mean time continues to whip that fat horse Henry Greene. Greene who was set to retired this August has no where to go. Jagdeo has extended his term in office until another officer who fits the strings to be a puppet comes along.

Who keeps a a disgraced over weight police commissioner who is linked to drugs, guns and brides? Only an administration that is linked to the same. Our sources say that the PPP is willing to have Greene in the top seat until after elections. Greene who works already works under a political directive is not known to prosecute government officials or anyone who is linked to the PPP or drugs. He will be used to ensure that the government keeps its enemies grounded around and during elections.

Put your ears to the ground and listen from now on cause money talks and bull shit will walk.

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