Friday, September 17, 2010

Police and bandits -OR- police are bandits?

A drug related hit went down not so long before that saw the death of 5 people including a child. Little do people know that the police are involved in this killing. Sources close to us say that eye witnesses are afraid to come forward and even though this information is with the top brass of the Guyana Police Force.

NONE OF THE SPINELESS MEDIA have picked up on this tip or investigate it.

The police records of a particular station places a police patrol at least five times in the Cummings Lodge, University of Guyana area on the day the people were killed.

By Now every one has heard the Police Commissioner linked the occupants in the car to drugs. What Greene is yet to say why the police were in the area and what about the shells from the scene of the shooting.

If Greene knows anything his ranks have been up to he would know that they wouldn't use their guns but the GUNS FOR HIRE are handled by a small group who circulate them and any ballistics test would show these weapons were used in a previous killing that also linked the police.

There are a couple things about the deaths of the five people our source tells us, the driver of the vehicle never wore his seat belt, neither does he drive with air conditioning.

At the scene his window was down suggesting that he knew his killer and stopped to speak with him/them.

We certainly cant put everything into this one post but we will keep you posted on this one.

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