Thursday, September 9, 2010

New radio license.

Stabroek News is about to receive its radio license this year when the government is preparing to take Broadcast Legislation to Parliament. This is no surprise says our sources, since the Jagdeo Led administration is eager to have friends in the media.

Stabroek News had applied for a radio license in 1999 when the late David DeCaires was in the fore front of fighting for Press Freedom in Guyana. The De Caires Legacy is well known in the media circles in the Caribbean but the current management of Stabroek News would be stabbing the fight for press freedom in its back by taking his license from the PPP and Jagdeo hands without ensuring their is suitable Broadcast Legislation.

To date, our media friends tell us that that government is yet to address the concerns in the decade old Broadcast Bill, they are not even sure that they will have a chance to let their views known.

But hear ye, hear ye King Jagdeo promises that Bill in October this year.

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