Saturday, September 18, 2010

ARVs in short supply

The Failure to timely order ARVS for people infected by HIV around the country led to a shortage of the drug. None only did this almost criminal act occur but Leslie Ramsammy decided that he was going to face gun for head of NAPS Shanti Singh on this one. Well placed sources say that Singh who is the wife Minister Frank Anthony did not make the timely request of the private supplier IPA to replace the depleting drugs. The request we were told when to the IPA a mere before IPA could order the drugs from India.

Ramsammy who required to explain why the drugs were not in Guyana to the Cabinet chose to tell them that it was stuck at some airport in Europe. But Guess what, no one will punish for this, in some societies, if there was HIV legislation, the Public Officer would have to face a penalty.

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