Friday, September 17, 2010

Shaheed Roger Khan and his book

Government officials are in a quandary as word out of the United States is the Shaheed Roger Khan wants to write a 'tell all' book detailing his story, links to the Guyana government and how a killing squad he headed help dissolve crime groups locally.

 Sources said that the Jagdeo led PPP administration is mulling several options including sending someone to negotiate a price with the jail bird, pinning the death squad allegations on a sitting minister who is on his way out in the next elections and the last but not least ensuring that Khan returns to more wealth and property when he is out. 
The latest rumor about the book was mentioned to Khan's Guyanese friends, through his family. Some are said to be very skeptical about this idea since many of them is said to have put the past episode behind them. 
Khan's claims of helping the government fight crime is not new, he made this known during his US trial and it was well ventilated during the trial of his lawyer.
We heard that Khan wants names to be published, how killings occurred, who was contracted to kill and by whom. He is also willing to talk prices and deals he made with officials in and out of Guyana.

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