Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to school

It's school time again and parents pockets are shredded in order to spend to outfit and provide the necessaries for the little (and big) ones for the new school term.

Thanks to the Gov't, there is a $1,500 school uniform voucher to help buy the children's uniform.

However, our parents continue to face many challenges to outfit each child to school without even factoring the school book list and contingency fees. Here is a minimum requirement list:
- School Uniform voucher - minus $1500
- Cost for ready made uniform for Primary child - $3000
- Black Shoes - $2500
- School Bag - $2500- $4000
- Socks - $1500 for 6 pairs
- Under garments - $4000
- Stationery
- Exercise books, pencils, crayons, rules, erasers, shapies etc - $8000-$10000
(We have not factored in the cost of texts.)

Schools are still asking for contingency fees despite a circular by the Education Ministry. You judge how much the laptop will help these parents and children!

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