Sunday, April 10, 2011

Unanimously selected at freedum house

Donald Ramotar is no stranger to being unanimously selected by the PPP, matter of fact he was unanimously selected to the Party's General Secretary in 1997, a post he held unto as dear life since then.

How, Ramotor was selected as the PPP's Presidential candidate is still to be explored.

Did Ralph Ramkarran make a trade off for his secret ballot for a Prime Ministerial position ?

Ramkarran was pushing for secret ballot since a cat whispered that he wanted to be the Party's Presidential candidate, then in an almost twist of events the party said that it was prepared to go along with secret ballot and before you know it Ramkarran, Rohee and Texeira withdrew their candidacy making it a clear selection and not WIN for old stooge Ramator.

Ramkarran must remember that he battled with the Champion and Company when they were all against the few Jaganities who were for secret ballot so that party could have wisely chosen its leader.

Here is a reminder of what Ramkarran had to say when he was under fire:
"Stabroek News January 12 reported President Jagdeo “warned that using a secret balloting process to decide on the PPP’s next presidential candidate could be dangerous as candidate hopefuls could promise persons things in order to get their votes.” Am I being accused of potential dishonesty? Are the 35 colleagues of the CC being accused of being potential bribe takers?"


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