Thursday, April 7, 2011

Transparancy International and PPP

The government does not disappoint in its attack against certain people or in its defense of any of its programmes no matter how deficient or corruptible it is.
The recent attack on the Local Transparency International Body is in keeping with the gutter behavior of the PPP, its letter writers and team of defense defenders.

The Latest one to the lot of the sustained attack on persons like Chris Ram, Janette Bulkan, Enrico Woolford and Keith Parks comes from a less than credible Acting Foreign Affairs Minister and NON-PPP Manzoor Nadir. He calls for a purging of the Local Chapter of TI even without addressing the issues at hand.

The Minister who threaded very carefully ever since he came on (since he is not one of them). HE is going all out to get their backs and ensure that he has a pay packet for the next five years.

If the people in the Local Chapter of TI is tainted what will you say about those who sit with you in Cabinet Nadir ?

The shooters, rapists, murderers, bribe takers, fascists and thieves.

What makes is so ethical for the government to accept computers from a company that is bidding for a contract Nadir ?

How did the government buy more than 50 laptops before the money reached their coffers?

As a "decent" muslim who has been to Haaj once why don't you consider this corruption? Who pockets are your hands in ?

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