Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Farewell Peck!

This is the reaction to a news that Kellawan Lall will take up am Ambassadorial Post in Brazil. The pain and agony is too much for us to write about, but this must be a joke.
    The PPP has once again appointed or  promoted a Party Card member to represent this country overseas.
      We had written before that there seems to be a shortage of career diplomats, if there isnt a shortage they are not the ones being appointed instead you have to be a PPP member to hold such an appointment.
Lall will be representing Guyana in one of the largest countries in the world and In South America and no doubt one of the most influential countries in this part of the world.
His back ground ? Your guess is good as ours. 

We know him as an Adviser to the government, past and present Presidents and now a Minister. 

We are not doubting his abilities but come on an Ambassadorial post ?!! 

We wouldnt even bother to bring up his hit and run, infamous shooting and domestic spat.

Farewell Peck.

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