Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ramkarran clears the air

Ramkarran's failure to secure the top spot of the PPP and recover the party's decency from a web of deceit is a blow the PPP may never recover from.

Our personal view is that Ramkarran with the backing of "right-thinking" PPPites could have rescued the PPP from burying itself as one of the most corrupt regimes in this part of the world.

We had often criticized his "out of touch" nature with Guyanese but come to think of it, we were better off with naive that with that thing that is staring us in the face.

We had earlier said that we were sure what transpired in Freedom House on that Monday but thanks to our sources on Ramkarran's page we now know some of the circumstances.

Here is what he posted in response to a inquiry of this 'withdrawal'

"Many friends are asking the same question and there is no simple answer. But let me try. By the time the discussions had gone half way, it was clear that I could not succeed. And every single person who spoke pleaded for a consensus. I felt deeply isolated when even my people who had positive sentiments towards me called for a consensus. That call meant that I should withdraw because I would clearly lose. I had a choice of carrying it to the end and having everybody being bitter with me or conceding and walking out with my held held high. I had proven my point already because the objective had always been to carry the fight to the end as I believe that the PPP had reached the position where all of these positions should be contested. Thus I withdrew. It was the best decision in the circumstances. Even the comrades on the spot who told me not to later said that it was the right decision"


Tough one Ralph !


  1. I believe the members of the P.P.P demonstrated excellent leadership skills by standing behind Ramotar for President...

  2. Ramotar floating to the top is the PPP communist traits being exposed