Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pledge allgiance or else

The PPP is not willing to head into elections unless it is assured of commitment from several persons and bodies and unless it is sure that it wins a majority by anyways possible.

The Party all of a sudden is convinced that it will not win if young people are the majority of voters. We are not sure what will happen here, in the 2006 elections, there were more than 600000 eligible voters, less than half of that amount voted. More than that amount reside out of this country.

Will Guyanese vote on issues rather than race is another scary thought for the PPP. Admittingly the PPP has a better but still flawed report card than the previous government.
But this doesnt help this party pass the test. The party's ideals and principles got stolen somewhere along the way, the ended up being as some one said the "new and improved PNC"

So they are scared that they will lose. When we say lose we mean lose the majority of votes.

But they have struck a deal, the deal will include ensuring that several figures, several bodies, several governments, help the PPP remain in government. This is where jagdeo will ensure that Ralph Gonslaves and Desi Bouterse re pay him for those 'little favours'

And the rest? Well the rest of those who have had promotions, favours, money, houses, lands and all will have their job cut out. Some of them will be on the Campaign trail some will have to use their influence to win some strong holds of other parties over and some will have to place their names on the Party's List of candidates.
We might even see some of those being named ministers.

Our Sources have suggested some names but we will wait on the appropriate time to name those.

Dont let the other political parties be fooled, as much as we are watching that CUP we are watching you too.

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