Sunday, November 13, 2011

Economic Adviser to President Ramotar - Bharrat Jagdeo

It is now no secret that a contract is in the making to ensure that Bharrat Jagdeo is returned as an Economic Adviser in a Ramotar Administration.
 Even though the PPP does not have the full certainty of returning as a government after November 28, there are plans to ensure that Jagdeo is a fixture at the office of the President. 

The Economic Adviser position is a part time that could earn the more than $3 million a month, it also comes with more duty free concessions as those of the President's pension package. We are already certain that Jagdeo who is expected to draw on a $3 million pension will advise Office of the President that he does not need that pension now as he will live off of his salary and many overseas investments he has undertaken including numerous business ventures with friends Bobby Ramroop, Brian Tiwari and bakery owner Brian Yeung. 

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