Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lack of reasoning or plain stupidness

Who is writing the rules for the 2011 general elections? It seems that what is right for one party to do, is simply not right for another one.
For instance, Robert Persaud who is taking his job of PPP rally and information coordinator a lil too seriously has felt the need to lash out at Mark Benschop's endorsement of the Alliance for Change.
Persaud is either dumb or has no reasoning logics.
A mere weeks after treason accused and strangely pardoned Phillip Bynoe announced his support for the party AT A PPP RALLY, Persaud has moved to attacked Benschop who was accused for the same crime and did jail time for endorsing another party.
Is Persaud so stupid to think that we don't get he lacks reasoning skills.
How are the two Bynoe and Benschop different Persaud ?

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