Thursday, January 27, 2011

To choose or not to choose

Is it just US or does the PNC internal politics seems more like a democratic process than the PPP ?? The PNC is really washing its dirty linens in public but We are taking this as a good sign to weed out the 'bad' and settle with the new.

But why are the folks over at Freedom House still clinging to the 'old system' to elect it Presidential Candidates ? Isnt this is the most democratic party in this country ?!

The PPPites are really trying to put a muzzle how it will choose its candidate and this is no surprise.

What's no surprise is how Donald Ramotar was propelled to be a public speaker at certain events. The man not only flies all over the world with the Champion but Robert Persaud was instructed to take him to all public speaking events. It is clear cut that Ramotar is 'the man', the anointed or chosen one.
It could be that his hands fit the puppet strings.

We believe the election to Ramotar to that Office is already tainted would be to further shame it.

What can he offer?

We feel he is a misfit, egotistical and still heavily rooted in Leninism, this reminds us of that picture of Lenin that he prays to each morning in his office.

Is is really the last man standing ?

what does Jagdeo owe him ??

We know has little contact with Guyanese like his other presidential hopeful friends. Is this why the most influential man in the PPP trying to find his way around the country like a blind man being led by the married into PPP family Robert Persaud?

Finally who the ass is Jagdeo to speak about secret ballots in public, soon he will publicly admit that he has endorsed Ramotar.

Look lets stop complaining and HAIL THE PPP!!

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