Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Oh Guyana!

2011 gives us a couple chances and one of those chances include changing for the better or for the worst. 
A chance at surviving, a chance at a better life, a chance at earning more for us and our family and a chance at being better people.
But will we take those chances, would those chances be afforded to us and if so what are those chances. 
If we are to take a chance at life who should we turn to.
Who do we turn to?
2011 comes with hope, the same as every other new year comes, but 2011 could change our lives as we know. 
This is the year we decide whether or not we want the present government to remain in government ( and most likely this would be only hope for a better future), or whether or not we want the Opposition members to have more seats in Parliament. 
The choice would be ours. 
Rally on we say. Welcome to 2011


"Long live President Jagdeo"
"The Laws of Guyana Chapter 8:01, Section 318 establish Treason to be: “Any person owing allegiance to the State who, whether in Guyana or elsewhere: (a) forms an intention to levy war against the State or to overthrow the government or the Constitution of Guyana by force and manifests such intention by any overt act or; (b) adheres to the enemies of the State by giving them aid or comfort, shall be guilty of treason and liable to suffer death by hanging."

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