Sunday, January 23, 2011

Prostitutionalized by the PSC

The Private Sector Commission has shamelessly given the PPP government and Ashni Singh the best publicity blowjob ever in the history of private sector sucking up.
The Ramesh Dookoo headed body jumped out a second after the Budget was delivered to bow to Singh's feet thanking him for the reduction of Corporation Taxes in this an elections year.

The PSC which last real release on its website is dated in 2009 was last asking for a Stimulus Package which King Jagdeo laughed in their faces and said no !

The SAME PSC which has been silent on the death of hundreds of Guyanese, SILENT ON the rise in the COST OF LIVING, the RISE IN the COST OF ELECTRICITY, RISE IN THE COST OF TRANSPORTATION.

The Same PSC was beaten to silence by Jagdeo when it criticized the 16% VAT.

The SAME PSC mum on calling for greater transparency and saw Yesu Persaud's head being bashed in for criticizing Jagdeo for sweet heart deals with the friends.

The Same PSC has been tongue tied on getting the govt to addressed CORRUPTION

The Same PSC has been supportive on the govt accumulation of wealth by being silent

And this is suppose to be the Private Sector Commission Mission Statement :

TO be the leading advocate of the private sector on national issues, by articulating the shared positions of our membership.

This is the same PSC that under the rattle of PPPite Dookhoo, the Jagdeo Government can do no wrong. Leading advocate for ppp's raping Guyana with its VAT and other measures, this PSC might well have buried its head like the proverbial ostrich - only not in sand, but you know where!

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