Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sex Offences Act only applicable to the small man not the big hypocrites

The Sexual Offences Act has failed to place friends of Priya Manickchand and pedophiles like Kwame McKoy and Bheri Ramsarran in jail for chile sex crimes.
The ACT signed by an abuser and possible faggot has also failed to protect the young Neesa Gopaul who was shamelessly murdered by maniacs and society including Mancickchand who turned her back on the teen.

Priya should be paid $1000 dollar extra (like the pensioners) are getting to go bury herself along with her arrogance and self-loathing self.


  1. Its a shame, a damn shame.

  2. Raptus U alive ! its more than a shame just a tragedy !