Friday, June 10, 2011

Nadir's Agenda

Manzoor Nadir has cemented a deal with the PPP to join the Party and leave The United Force. This decision why Nadir who headed the UF has left a bitter taste in some of the mouths of its members. While Nadir has successfully been able to give a few UF members jobs in the Ministries of Tourism and Labour and a couple of other offices, He has been has been selling the PPP to traditional UF groups in Amerindian Settlements. 
The United Force has or had a long following of Indigenous grouping. Nadir has been able to work his way into luring some groups into the PPP and voting for the PPP by leading them to believe that some villages are to benefit from the Norwegian money and also the One Lap Top Per Family Project. 

We are not sure how far he has gotten with this approach but we know what this is the plan he has been working with.

More than likely Nadir will run for office for the 2011 Elections under the PPP Campaign, they need him and he needs them more, how else will he survive?

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