Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carvil Duncan

His smile spells treachery, his face, greed, he is another one of the black fools, a puppet of the Jagdeo gang, a sinister idiot.

Carvil Duncan will move on to the next bowl of soup if the government changes tomorrow.

But we have been observing him since the days of the formation of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions. He was one of those brainless brains who opted to sell out the workers, turn his backs on them and trample on their rights when he stepped away from the large Trade Union body in Guyana, the Guyana Trades Union Congress.

He used this opportunity to make his money, buy new cars, buy new properties and send his daughter to school overseas, some of life’s choices working class Guyanese patients don’t have.

Today his nose is so close in the Champion’s Butt that we not even sure he got an adequate supply of oxygen!

He is hailing, applauding and kissing as at every opportunity he has with the PPPites and the Champion.

He has received several appointments when the PPP sought to put snitches in various constitutional bodies including the ERC where both Duncan and his daughter served.
He is one of the man soup lovers who crossed the Atlantic with the Champion to Copenhagen.

Life is indeed sweet for the few who kiss butts.

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