Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Open letter to the powers that be

Dear Drs. Jagdeo, Ashni Singh, Ministers Manickchand and Westford or to whom its may concern
     Today is the 9th Day in the month of June and marks almost three weeks since I last received my salary. I must say thank you so much for the 5% increase it gives me a sense of security I have never had before 1992. 
These days I can afford so much more than my family use to as $37,000 has given me immense spending power. I haven’t been able to put aside money for my own home as yet but I know I will live that dream in the near future.
Right now, me and my child mother are subletting a small apartment with her mother but I would like to share with you my expenses to inform your decision making.
Today I have my last thousand dollar and I know that it will take me to work and back until you pay us next week. 
When I collect my salary here is a list of my expenses:
 Electricity – $9789 (a must pay)
 Market (one week supply)
 Rice, not the wholesome kind- $780
2 pounds sugar                        - $160
Salt                                          - $100
Greens and other essentials     - $7000
1 chicken                                  -$ 980
Salt fish                                    -$600
Milk                                          -$1570
 That is almost $20000.
I haven’t put aside money for my travel to work, my child’s daily school expenses nor have I catered for his meals. But I have a solid $17000 left to last me for the rest of the month. This is what I will use to spend to top up the groceries from time to time.
As for the dream of a house, I started to save $100 a month, mostly the coins and fine change I am left with.
I do hope this letter finds each of your well as I can imagine you working hard to make all our dreams come through.



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